Top best Cydia Impactor alternatives 2020

Top best Cydia Impactor alternatives 2020

Top best Cydia Impactor alternatives 2020

iOS isn't as open as Android, making the installation of IPA files a bit complicated. Unlike Android where you simply need to tap on a downloaded APK file to install, direct installation of IPA files on the iOS isn't possible. There are special tools iOS users can use to sideload an IPA file and install on their iDevice. Cydia Impactor has been used by many to sideload and install IPA files, including unsigned versions(signing of IPA). But the new Cydia Impactor V0.9.52 doesn't support a free developer account anymore. As such, looking for a good Cydia impactor alternative is surely what you are after. Here, we have some top best Cydia Impactor alternatives you can use in 2020. Check them out and pick the one that's best for you.

Best Cydia Impactor alternatives to use for the installation of IPA on iOS

Those who are having a developer account with a paid developer certificate can still use Cydia Impactor though, but if you were using a free Apple account, then you should switch to one of these top best Cydia Impactor alternatives.

1. ReProvision

ReProvision: Top best Cydia Impactor alternatives 2020

ReProvision provides automatic re-provisioning(re-signing) of iOS and tvOS applications to avoid the 7-day expiration associated with free certificates, along with a macOS application to manually provision a given .ipa file. And since with a non-developer certificate, app signed gets revoked after 7 days, you can set ReProvision to auto re-sign the app before the certificate is revoked, say after 5 or 6 days.

This iOS 12 & 13 jailbreak tool requires an app-specific password to run it and doesn't require a developer account to use.

Once you have installed ReProvision via Cydia on your jailbroken iDevice, it allows you to directly install IPA files from Safari.

Installing RepProvision is very simple. You just need to add it from the repo Here are the simple steps to follow:
  • On your jailbroken iDevice, open Cydia and tap on "Edit" at the top-right corner.
  • Next, tap on "Add" and the repo link above.
  • Next, search for ReProvision and install.
Once installed, to configure ReProvision to start auto-resigning of your installed unsigned IPA files you first need to create an app-specific password. Check out the details here. And also, with ReProvision installed, you can easily install IPA files from your Safari browser. When you download an IPA file you will see the option to "open in ReProvision".

2. AltSigner

Download AltSigner - iOS IPA Signer tool for Windows

AltSigner is aN IPA files signing software for Windows computer. It allows you to sign IPA files using the free Apple Certificate which works for 7 days without revokes. AltSigner also can be used with and Apple ID with two-factor authentication enabled, although you will have to provide the 6 digit verification code from Apple.

Also, just as any other third-party iOS Tools, using this tool will require you have iTunes installed on your computer.

AltSigner allows you to sign a max of 3 apps using the free certificate and as we said earlier, the certificate gets revoked after 7 days and will require your repeat the signing process again. But if you are having a developer account with developer certificates,  your signed apps will get revoked after 1 year. 7 days after signing, it's required to connect your iPhone to your PC and repeat the signing process, however, you do not have to delete the apps. Note that when your installed IPA certificate gets revoked, you do not need to uninstall(delete) before repeating the resigning. This way, you will be able to keep saved app data.

Furthermore,  when you sign and IPA files with AltSigner using your Apple ID and UDID, you can only install it on that device. Another thing to keep in mind is that IPA signed with AltSigner cannot be installed on iOS or iPadOS 13.3.1+ iDevices.

3. AppCake 7

AppCake: Top best Cydia Impactor alternatives 2020

AppCake is an application available for iOS devices that allows you to install and try cracked apps free of charge before purchasing them. AppCake 7 can be installed on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS 13. And once installed, you can download unsigned, fake signed and cracked IPA and install them directly on your iDevice.

AppCake has been around for long now and it is one of the most popular cracked App Store for iPhone users. This Apple App Store alternative comes with a pretty similar interface as the latter, making it easier for you to understand and use.

4. AltDeploy

Another good Cydia impactor alternative is AltDeploy. This macOS app works on iOS 13.3 and below, allowing you to sideload IPA files on your iDevice. AltDeploy is made based on AltStore app offering an option to sideload some predefined apps as well as the signing of IPA files. AltDeploy 

Using AltDeploy shouldn't be complicated for those who a versed with Cydia Impactor since its user interface is almost identical to Cydia Impactor. Also, just like with Cydia Impactor, you will need to provide your Apple ID(sign in) in order to use this tool.

And again, just like with Cydia Impactor, AltDeploy allows you to install a max 3 apps on your device with a free account(non-developer Apple ID). And the apps installed with a non-developer Apple ID  are only valid for 7 days. Meaning, the certificate gets revoked after 7 days and you will need to repeat the signing process again.

Installing AltDeploy

  • Start by downloading  AltDeploy onto your Mac from here.
  • Extract the zipped contents and open
  • If security settings are enabled, go to Settings > Security and Privacy option and enable.
  • Run the and go to Preferences 
  • Click General > Manage Plugins
  • Activate the AltPlugin.mailbundle
  • Restart the
As for the sideloading of IPA files, it is the same as with Cydia Impactor.

5. Panda Helper iOS

Top best Cydia Impactor alternatives 2020

This is one of the best Cydia Impactor alternatives. Pander Helper iOS doesn't require any computer to use and works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iDevices. It also supports iOS 13. Panda  Helper iOS App Store allows iOS users to install paid iPhone apps for free.

On this third-party App Store, you can easily find fake signed apps, tweaks, craked and ++ apps for iPhone.
Concerning the signing of apps, it uses a public enterprise certificate to install apps. As such, Apple may revoke all the apps you install from time to time. But the developer will restore them for free any time this happens.

You can install Panda Helper iOS from here. And after installing, do not forget to trust it by going to Settings → General → Device Management.

6. AltStore

How to install IPA on your iDevice with AltStore

AltStore app is an alternative App Store for iOS devices. Unlike other unofficial app installers like TweakBox and TutuApp, the AltStore app does not rely on enterprise developer certificates, which Apple has been revoking recently. Also, what makes is interesting is the fact that it doesn't require waning jailbreaking to use.  AltStore makes use of a feature that app developers use to “test apps” before submitting them to Apple for inclusion in the app store. This is done by self-signing the apps on your own computer and not relying on the use of enterprise certificates that many 3rd-party installers use, that can be easily revoked by Apple

With AltStore, you can re-sign and install any app with your Apple ID. You can as well upload apps over WiFi using AltServer.