Ringtone - iPhone Ringtones collection

On this page, we have a collection of iPhone ringtones. All ringtones are in the .mr4 audio format and can be used right away. Meaning you won't need to convert in order to use.

Once you have this file downloaded, you can sync with your iPhone via iTunes, 3utools, or other iPhone tools. And if you do not have a computer, then the GarageBand App will come in handy.

Setting your ringtone from mr4 file as a ringtone

  • [tab]
    • Step 1
      • Open GarageBand and tape the + and “Create New Song”. When prompted with the recording type, select AUDIO RECORDER.
    • Step 2.
      • Once you create the new song project, switch to track view instead of the recording interface by tapping the multitrack button.
    • Step 3
      • Hit the loop icon in the top right corner, choose Music if you downloaded it (or synced it) through the Music app. Or choose Audio Files if your m4r song file is in Files (iCloud Drive, Dropbox).
    • Step 4
      • Navigate to your source audio, press and hold, and drag the song or audio file to the track in GarageBand. Trim and cut songs as you like and remember that ringtones should be limited to 30 seconds.
    • Step 5
      • Hit the upside-down triangle in the top left corner and return to the “My Songs” list. This will save your project and get it ready to export.
    • Step 6
      • Press and hold on the project (likely called “My Songs”) until it enters wiggle mode. Press the share icon in the top left to bring up the share sheet. Tap “Ringtone” to start the export process.
    • Step 7
      • Do as the prompt to name the track, which will be displayed in settings when selecting your ringtone. Then click the Export button.
    • Step 8
      •  Go to Settings > Sound & Haptics > Ringtone to check the new ringtone you just added to iPhone.

Available Ringtones

To see the download button, simply hover over the ringtone. You can as well play online to test if it is good before downloading.