Watusi  3 and Watusi 3 duplicate for WhatsApp IPA 22.6.74

Watusi 3 and Watusi 3 duplicate for WhatsApp IPA 22.6.74

Download WhatsApp Watusi  IPA


 WhatsApp Watusi 3 and Watusi 3 Duplicate are the best tweaks for WhatsApp available for iOS users. Watusi  3 and Watusi 3 duplicate for WhatsApp IPA 22.6.74 from here and discover all the new and added features you won't get with the official WhatsApp App.

Android users have a variety of MODs for WhatsApp to download like FMWhatsAppWhatsApp PlusYoWhatsAppWhatsApp Aero, and many others owing to the open nature of the system. But iOS isn't an open-source system and it's quite complicated with the development of MOD, iOS users can still get a good and working WAMOD like GBWhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Watusi?

WhatsApp Watusi is a Mod of the official WhatsApp for iOS users. It comes with some cool features not found on the official WhatsApp App. The app is developed by Fouad Raheb.

Both jailbroken iOS devices and non-jailbroken devices can install WhatsApp Watusi.

WhatsApp Watusi 3 features

Download WhatsApp Watusi 2.20.31 IPA

  • Freeze last seen
  • Disable Read Receipts
  • Disable Delivery Receipts
  • Disable Typing Indicator
  • Disable VOIP
  • Filter 'My Contacts' Privacy
  • Protect App Passcode/TouchID
  • Protect Chats Passcode/TouchID
  • Lock/Unlock chats on cell swipe
  • Bypass protection on specific WiFi
  • Mute app badges of muted chats
  • Private notifications content
  • Contact image in notifications
  • Additional options to share sheet
  • Different share sheet styles
  • Share sheet with image picker
  • Custom camera roll album
  • Share device files
  • Select Unlimited photos
  • Delete all chat's media button
  • Call Recorder
  • Tap once to Record voice messages
  • Your contacts' status on top of their chat
  • View your contacts' status change date
  • Pin your favourite chats on top
  • Lock chats in Archive
  • Show all your groups in a single page
  • Confirmation for call buttons
  • View group members' profile picture in the chat
  • Open the contact's picture on the cell image tap
  • Open a new chat using a phone number
  • Open links in an In-App browser
  • Long left swipe to delete a chat
  • Replace mark as reading swipe with contact info
  • Select all contacts when creating a broadcast
  • Replace the contacts tab bar with the old status list
  • Disable large emoji size
  • Show seconds in timestamps
  • Enable send button while offline
  • Show keyboard when opening a chat
  • Disable landscape rotation
  • Mute messages & key clicks sound
  • Hide profile picture in chats
  • Hide camera button in chats
  • Hide call button in chats
  • Hide status bar inside WhatsApp
  • Open WhatsApp as a native iPad app
  • Change global app tint colour
  • Change chat text font
  • Change chat text size
  • Incoming chat text colour
  • Outgoing chat text colour
  • Chat URL colour
  • Message input text colour
  • Incoming bubble background-colour
  • Outgoing bubble background-colour
  • Incoming bubble background opacity
  • Outgoing bubble background opacity
  • Change keyboard colour to dark or dark & blue

How to install WhatsApp Watusi 3

A computer running macOS, Windows or Linux
Internet connection
Apple ID (email & password)

Non-jailbroken devices

Before installing, not that non-developers will have the app expire in 7 days and will need to repeat the process again.

Also, you can get a paid subscription from a signing store where you can download the latest Watusi directly from your device and have it available for 1 year instead of 7 days. We recommend you use builds.io since they always have the latest IPA from here. Builds.io links: Watusi - Watusi Duplicate.
  • Download the IPA file from the link below to your computer.
  • Download Cydia Impactor for your operating system and run.
  • Make sure no other WhatsApp with the same bundle identifier is installed. (net. whatsapp.WhatsApp if you chose original IPA or com.fouadraheb.watusi for the duplicate)
  • Next, connect your iOS device and hit "Trust" if prompted so that your device appears in Cydia Impactor
  • Drag the IPA file from your Desktop to Cydia Impactor.
  • You will be prompt to enter your Apple ID and do so to proceed.
  • Cydia impactor will start installing the app on your iPhone. Once finished you can go on and start using it.
  • After the app is installed, go to Settings -> General -> Profiles (or “Device Management” / “Profiles & Device Management”). Find the profile with your Apple ID and open it. Next, tap on the trust option before you will be able to start using the app.

For jailbroken devices

If your device is jailbroken, download WhatsApp Watusi from BigBoss repo or add https://apt.fouadraheb.com to your Cydia sources for the latest updated version. 

Alternatively, you can download it directly from Cydia Store.

Download WhatsApp Watusi 3

ApplicationBundleVersionWatusi 3Stalky
WhatsApp Duplicatecom.fouadraheb.watusi2.21.1411.0.7-
WhatsApp Duplicatecom.fouadraheb.watusi2.21.1411.
WA Businessnet.whatsapp.WhatsAppSMB2.21.1411.0.7-
For those who do not want to upgrade to Watusi 3, The previous release Watusi 2 Updated IPA files can be found below.
ApplicationBundleVersionWatusi 2Stalky
WhatsApp Duplicatecom.fouadraheb.watusi2.21.1411.4.10-
WhatsApp Duplicatecom.fouadraheb.watusi2.21.1411.
WA Businessnet.whatsapp.WhatsAppSMB2.21.1411.4.10-