Download FileBrowserBiz++ IPA free (FileBrowser for Business)

Download FileBrowserBiz++ IPA free (FileBrowser for Business)

FileBrowserBiz++ IPA

Download FileBrowserBiz++ IPA free (FileBrowser for Business) for free from this page. The original FileBrowser for Business app on the Apple App store will cost you about $12.99 to get. But this tweaked version of the app is completely free to download here on our blog.

About FileBrowser for Business

FileBrowser for Business 

      $12.99     Stratospherix Ltd     Version: 20.9

Downoad FileBrowserBiz++ IPA free (FileBrowser for Business)
FileBrowser for Business is a professional file management app for power users and businesses large and small, trusted worldwide.

With FileBrowser for Business, users can benefit from direct and secure file access to servers, workstations and other storage devices on corporate networks. No additional configuration of corporate IT systems is necessary.

Core Features

- Access file servers and cloud storage

- View documents and optionally store them for offline viewing

- Present a video, PowerPoint or Keynote direct from the server

- Copy and move between any type of storage, from single files to whole directories

- Bi-directional automatic sync of network folders to your iPad/iPhone

- Backup local files to a network file server or cloud storage

- Integrates with other apps allowing you to edit, save and share files while on the go

- Integrates with your existing infrastructure, including Active Directory

- Integrates with iOS data protection, utilising hardware-based encryption to secure content

- Pro photographer XMP sidecar file support for rating images

- VPN on-demand support for third-party VPN clients

- Supports Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS)

- Requires no additional software on corporate servers

Office App Integration

- No more copying of documents between apps

- Launch an Office app to edit a network document in-place.

- Changes are automatically saved to the original document

- Scan documents or images directly to multi-page PDF

- Automatic colour and perspective correction of scanned documents

MDM Integration

- Centralised distribution of FileBrowser configuration settings

- Enforced security lockdown

- Conform to corporate Mobile Security Policies

- Prevent users from changing local settings

- Selectively override any local configuration setting

- Distribute file server connection details

- Control whether offline viewing/storage is permitted

- Control whether content can be emailed as attachments

FileBrowser for Business uses the SMB1, SMB2, and SMB3 network access protocols (also known as CIFS or Windows File Sharing). This enables access to Macs, PCs, NAS drives, & Windows File Servers, including Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server Clusters.

You can also connect to the following cloud storage

- Microsoft OneDrive

- Microsoft OneDrive for Business

- Microsoft SharePoint 2013 or later


- Google Drive (including TeamDrive)

- Dropbox (including Dropbox for Business)

- Backblaze B2

- Amazon S3

- pCloud

- WebDAV servers

- FTP/FTPS servers

- SFTP servers

For fast friendly support please email Please note that we are only able to provide support in English.

FileBrowserBiz++ IPA

This a tweaked version of the file browser for business app for iPhone and it is free to download from here. This app has all default features as the original plus added features. 

One of the cool features is its option that allows you to install decrypted IPA files.

Installing this IPA file

As usual, we advise you to install this file using AltStore. And for those who a new with the AltStore, not that you will need to have a computer with the Altserver running and your iDevice connected.

You can read the full guide on how to install IPA file with AltStore from here.

Download links

Download FileBrowserBiz++ V16.7