Cheyote: iOS 15 jailbreak by Odyssey will soon be available

Cheyote: iOS 15 jailbreak by Odyssey will soon be available

Cheyote: iOS 15 jailbreak by Odyssey will soon be available

 Cheyote: iOS 15 jailbreak by Odyssey will soon be available. The Odyssey Team will be making a great move by coming up with an iOS 15 jailbreak tool called Cheyote. 

If you remember Taurine's early days, the tool was initially called Odyssey14 before it received its official nomenclature, so it's no surprise that the Odyssey team gave the iOS 15 jailbreak its own name. Although there is no release date yet, the official naming and unveiling of the UI are both signs that the jailbreak is almost complete and should be released in the near future.

A tweet from the Odyssey team last Sunday shows a green and yellow interface that reminds us a lot of what the Taurine and Odyssey jailbreak interfaces already look like. It should be noted that the font used is a bit different, but users will be able to change the Cheyote colour scheme from the app's internal settings, just like users can already do in existing jailbreak apps. from the Odyssey team. 

Here are the other Cheyote app settings: 

  • Enable and disable jailbreak tweaks. 
  • Restore system from jailbreak to stock 
  • Define the nonce 
  • Enable or disable the log window 
  • Enter recovery mode 
  • Choose between different predefined themes 
  • Selection of two custom colours for the interface gradient. 

Obviously, the Cheyote jailbreak will install the Sileo package manager by default, but users can install alternatives if they wish, such as Zebra or Cydia. As many expected from the myriad of status updates shared by CoolStar over the past few months, the Cheyote jailbreak will effectively be rootless and it will initially support iOS 15.1.1 & iPadOS 15.1.1 on all devices based on an exploit released earlier this year. The possibility of including support for iOS 15.3.1 is being investigated but is not guaranteed. 

The Odyssey team has already secured the website domain(s) for the upcoming jailbreak tool. As the team works to transition the jailbreak community from a traditional experience to a jailbreak experience without root, support will be provided in the team's Discord channel for developers who need help converting jailbreak tweaks to the new user experience to be fully compatible with the upcoming Cheyote jailbreak.