Some Amazing iPhone Tips and Tricks you never knew

Some Amazing iPhone Tips and Tricks you never knew

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 You've been using the iPhone for a while now or perhaps you're still new to it. These amazing iPhone tips and tricks will surely interest you. Even an old iPhone user wouldn't know of all the trick and tips for some option are too easy and simple that we ignore.

And for a new user to the Apple ecosystem, take some moment of your time to learn of these amazing iPhone tips and tricks you never knew to facilitate your use of the device.

6 awesome and amazing iPhone tips and tricks you never knew

Now, what did you think you know about the iPhone? Check these tips and trick and let us know if you knew about them!

Trick 1: Shake to undo

You've just written some text wrongly? No need to bother yourself deleting from the keyboard! Simply shake your iPhone to undo the changes. And you can shake again to redo the previous action.

Tips & trick 2: Auto close browser tabs

If you'd like to automatically close your iPhone Safari browser tabs then use these handy tips;
  • Goo to the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Next, scroll down and tap Safari
  • Tap "Close Tabs"
  • By default, the closing of tabs is set to 'manual mode'. You can now decide to set it to close your tabs after one day, week, month.

Tip/Trick 3: Toggle the one-handed keyboard

Some new iPhones are quite large and may somewhat be an issue when typing. So, why not toggle the one-handed keyboard option? Here is how to do it:
  1. Hold down the emoji or globe icon on the bottom left of the keyboard
  2. Choose the left- or right-handed keyboard icon
  3. Tap the arrow in the blank space that’s created by the keyboard shift to go back to normal

Tip/Trick 4: Scan documents from the Notes App

Did you know with the Notes App on your iPhone you could quickly scan a document? Check the steps to follow below:
  1. From your iPhone, locate and launch the Notes app
  2. Next, start a new note or open an existing one
  3. Now, tap on the "+" icon located above your iPhone's keyboard in the centre
  4. Next, tap "Scan Documents"
  5. Use the shutter button or one of your iPhone's volume buttons to take a picture of your document
  6. Adjust the corners of the document by tapping and dragging them, if the need be
  7. Finally, tap Save.

Trick/Tip 5: Hide some photos from prying eyes

  1. Start the Photos app and tap the album where the photo(s) you want to hide is(are) located
  2. Next, tap the "Select" button at the top-right hand corner
  3. Select the photo(s) you need to hide
  4. Now, tap on the "Share" button at the bottom-left corner
  5. Next, tap the "hide" button at the bottom right-hand corner
  6. And finally, tap "Hide Photo"

Tip 6: Setting a custom vibration

Want to set a custom vibration for your different friends or family members? then this tip will be of help. You can use this especially when you are in places where you cannot allow your device to ring or even if it did, you may not know. That is it will be handy if your device is in silent or vibration mode to know exactly who is calling.
  1. Start the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on Sounds & Haptics
  3. Tap on Ringtone
  4. Tap on Vibration
  5. Choose to Create New Vibration
  6. Create a new vibration by tapping and holding however you want
  7. Tap the Stop button at the bottom right-hand corner
  8. Tap on Save at the top right-hand corner
  9. Finally, name your vibration
After you've created the custom vibration, follow these steps to assign it to a contact:

  1. Launch the Contacts app
  2. Select the contact you want to assign the custom vibration.
  3. Tap on the Edit button located in the top right-hand corner
  4. Select Vibration
  5. Select the new vibration that you created earlier