Apple releases iOS 14.3 Beta3 with ProRAW support and more

Apple releases iOS 14.3 Beta3 with ProRAW support and more

Apple releases iOS 14.3 Beta3 with ProRAW support and more

Apple iOS 14 has been around for just a while and we have already got to experience many versions already. iOS 14.2 was released back a couple of weeks now and Apple has been testing already iOS 14.3.

As it stands now, Apple has released already the third Beta for iOS 14.3 which is a sign that we may be seeing the final release any moment from now.

The iOS 14.3 Beta3 comes with support for ProRAW for iPhone 12 Pro. This iOS Beta is already available and compatible device owners can download it already. To get it the easier way, you can use a tool like the 3utools.

iOS 14.3 Beta3 features

ProRAW image format

Apple teased its new ProRAW image format for iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max when the phones were unveiled but said the new image format would come in a software update later this year. It appears that iOS 14.3 makes it available. Go to Settings > Camera and look for the option under “Formats.” Apple describes it like this:

ProRAW is a 12-bit file that uses the Linear DNG format to retain more information and dynamic range in the file, providing additional flexibility when editing exposure and white balance. Each file is approximately 25 MB.

PS5 and Luna controller support

In addition to current Xbox and PlayStation controller support, iOS 14.3 adds support for the new DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 and the Luna controller for Amazon's online game streaming service.

Shortcuts app launching

When launching an app via a Shortcut (a key part of the aesthetic home screen fad), the Shortcuts app will no longer take over the entire screen before switching over to the launched app. Instead, you'll see a small shortcuts banner before the app launches.

Third-party app suggestions during setup

iOS 14.3 will feature a change to the iPhone setup process in some regions. In locations where the law requires it, the setup process will now show some App Store apps during the setup process, before a user even begins using their iPhone.

It’s unclear where this new feature will take effect. Apple is under antitrust investigation in several countries.

AirTags and third-party trackers

The iOS 14.3 includes a hidden section in the Find My app code-named “Hawkeye.” The section is intended for the upcoming AirTags product, as well as for other third-party tracking devices that meet Apple’s requirements.