Download Friendly 8.0.3 IPA for iPhone

Download Friendly 8.0.3 IPA for iPhone

Friendly for Facebook IPA

You can download the IPA file for Friendly for Facebook from this page. Download Friendly 8.0.3 IPA for iPhone. We also have the direct download link for the App Store version of this app. Friendly allows you to connect to your Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Twitter on the same app.

Friendly for Facebook is an app lightweight and lets you smoothly manage your account on popular social networks. And not just that – it also lets you chat with your friends with no need to have Facebook Messenger installed if you are using Facebook. With this installed, you will be able to minimise storage usage since you won't have to install many apps.

Friendly for Facebook
Friendly for Facebook

      free      Friendly App Studio     Version: 8.0.3

 App Category
 Social Networking
 Last Updated
 March 07 2020
 App Store App size
 Required iOS Version
 iOS 9.0+


Download Friendly 8.0.3 IPA for iPhone

Friendly App Description

With Friendly, you only need one app for all your Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Twitter needs.

- Save space on your device
- Preserve your battery
- Save Data Usage
- Easily switch between multiple accounts
- Order feed by Most Recent
- Configurable AdBlocker (save bandwidth and block ads and trackers)
- Download Photos & Videos
- Night Mode
- Repost Photos
- User TouchID or Passcode to Login
- Colourful Themes
- Adjust Font Size

NOTE: You cannot upload photos to Instagram using Friendly. This is, unfortunately, a limitation of Instagram, which does not let third-party app post pictures. We will add this feature as soon as this is made possible

And don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything

Message us at:
or by email at: help @

- Facebook® and the Facebook logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc.
- Friendly is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Facebook
What's New in Friendly 8.0.3

Welcome to Friendly 8.0.3
Thank you for using Friendly! This update focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements.
Please report any issue you find on our Facebook support page. Thanks!
Fixed: Crash on login on some devices
What's new in 8.0 & 8.0.1 & 8.0.2
  1. Addresses an issue with Facebook login on some devices
  2. New: Support for faster and more reliable WKWebView (iOS 12.4 and later)
  3. Fixed: Photo upload in comments
  4. Fixed: Crash with keyboard swipe gestures
  5. New: Option to hide the filtered post by keyword hints
  6. Fixed: Removed the 'unread' prefix in some notifications
  7. Improved photo and video download
  8. Various other fixes and performance improvements
  9. What's new in 7.9.5
  10. New: Added an option to open links with firefox or brave in private mode.
  11. Various other fixes and improvements
  12. What's new in 7.9.4
  13. Fixes an issue with the title bar rendering of text
  14. Fixes an issue with the Friendly's share extension not working in some cases
  15. Fixes an issue with the defender screen's rendering of items blocked
  16. What's new in 7.9.3
  17. NEW: Ad and Trackers blocker detail screen
  18. FIX: Crash on startup for some users
  19. Various improvements
  20. What's new if 7.9.2
  21. NEW: Preferred browser setting with support for Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Brave.
  22. NEW: Better share extension
  23. NEW: Friendly Defender panel (Shield icon in the top bar), better Ads and Trackers blocker
  24. NEW: Open in friendly option for copied links
  25. FIX: Navigation on Facebook Desktop
  26. Various fixes and improvements
  27. What's new in 7.9
  28. NEW: Instagram compact mode
  29. FIX: Instagram stories playback
  30. FIX: Facebook marketplace navigation
  31. Various fixes and improvements
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  34. Having Issue?
  35. Visit and we will do our best to help.

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