These 3 iPhone paid apps/games are now free for a limited time

These 3 iPhone paid apps/games are now free for a limited time

3 paid iPhone apps/games now free for a limited time

We've got some more paid iPhone apps/games now free to download. Here, we have #Breakforcist,  Rolando: Royal Edition and Workout Buds. You can download these four apps now at zero cost.

And as usual, the apps won't remain free for too long. Also, we are incapable of telling for how long these apps will remain at this price drop. Since we are not affiliated with their developers, all we can say with certitude is that they well all free by the time we wrote this article.

iPhone paid apps/games now free

Workout Buds


App description

This is a fully animated sticker pack designed to take gym banter to the next level with your workout buds!

I feel like a lot of fitness Apps & workout content is all very serious. Where's the fun? These delightful buds are here to make you laugh, and encourage your friends to come to the next gym sesh. Or they can be used as a cheeky way to get out of exercise if you need a day off.

These buds are a bit more relatable than your standard workout imagery. They struggle with their workouts & get sore legs and have cheat days, but they try their best to get them reps in & make it to their workouts when they can.

There are currently 15 fully animated stickers in this pack, which I would love to keep adding to! If there's a saying you use or even a fun type of work out you do, please leave suggestions in the App Store review section with what you'd like to see in the future!

Or you can hit us up on Instagram. just search 'animated workout buds' and send a message or leave a comment, and I'll do my best to add your idea to the pack!


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App  Store Description

"...I spent at least two hours curled up with my iPad, paddling balls at breakfast. Well-played, Breakforcist."

- Kotaku

Enjoy the chaotic & addictive arcade action of the world’s first breakfast/exorcism themed brick-breaker!

Use your magical ball & paddle to save breakfast from the clutches of the evil demon “Howdy” through endless waves of possessed waffles! A fresh take on an old-school game genre


* A fast-paced and endless arcade-style action game!

* A fresh new visual style & full original soundtrack by Pete Ellison (designer of Bibimbap Friends, Donut Ghost, ex-producer of record label Disko Warp).

* Unlock bonus power-ups for even crazier gameplay!

* A 13-song original energetic soundtrack, over 40 minutes of original pop & electronic music!

* Clear goals to unlock 40 super cute stickers for use in iMessage!


iPhone paid apps/games are now free for a limited time: #Breakforcist

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Rolando: Royal Edition

Rolando: Royal Edition

App Store Description

9.5/10 – “Simply the best game you can get for the iPhone” – IGN Original Review

10/10 – “Unquestionably the best game on the iPhone” – Pocket Gamer Original Review

The award-winning iPhone classic is back and better than ever! This brand-new ‘Royal Edition’ is a completely remastered Rolando - every interaction, every course, flower, trampoline, bomb, catapult and squirrel has been given a thorough scrub, buff and shine, making this the most gorgeous version yet!

The Kingdom has been invaded and the Rolandos are on a daring quest to save the sages from the clutches of the Shadow Creatures. Guide your intrepid gang of courageous Rolandos as they negotiate the toys, traps, puzzles and curious characters that fill this super-tactile world.


From the Spiky Commandos and mischievous Prince to the endlessly napping King and Queen - each Rolando gives you a different way to play!


Reach into the world to directly aid your Rolandos - hoist them up on elevators, launch bombs to clear their path and fling them across chasms with catapults.


From devious puzzles to action-packed platforming, a huge variety of challenges await - all set in a world bursting with fauna and flora, so charming you’ll want to move in!


3 iPhone paid apps/games are now free for a limited time: Rolando: Royal Edirion

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