iPhone/iPad paid app Avocado Stickers now free for a limited time

iPhone/iPad paid app Avocado Stickers now free for a limited time

iPhone/iPad paid app Avocado Stickers now free for a limited time

Hello, do you love this awesome and hilarious sticker packs from the Avocado Stickers app? This app normally is paid and to get it you will need to spend $0.99. But the good news today is, you can download it free for a limited time though.

Hurry up, download fully animated Avocado Sticker now and save $0.99 before the sale period runs out.

Note that It's Apple OS isn't affiliated with this app developer in any way. We simply share with you recent changes from their part.

And as we said earlier, this app is only free for a limited time, and we are unable to tell for how long it will continue to remain at this current price drop.

Avocado Sticker App Store Description

I'm very passionate about adding hilarious avocados regularly to this pack to keep your conversations fun & flowing.

If you'd like to leave suggestions for future avocado additions, please hit up 'Avocado Stickers' on Instagram & send us a message: https://www.instagram.com/avocado_sticker_pack/

You can help support me by purchasing my Avocado merch from my red bubble store here: www.redbubble.com/people/lisavertudaches

I have made more sticker packs!

Download 'Workout buds' here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/workout-buds/id1440958045?mt=8

'Potato Sticker Pack' here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/potato-sticker-pack/id1428293956?ls=1&mt=8

What's New

The current version of this app by the time of writing this post is 3.4. Note that app developer might make changes any time.

Below are the new changes made to this version(3.4) of the app;

-We got new stickers with this update! Some new permanent avocados, and some temporary Valentines ones!

-For a short time, only ALL my sticker packs are free in the App Store!
including my other sticker packs 'work out buds' and 'potato sticker pack.'

- I have Avocado merch available on the red bubble, Click *developer website* via the link on our page in the App Store, or access via https://www.redbubble.com/people/lisavertudaches/

-Hit up 'avocado sticker pack' on Instagram and let me know if there are any avocados you'd like to see in the pack!

-If you like this sticker pack, please leave a review in the App Store, and comment on what you think! It helps me out a lot, and I love reading what you guys write! You people are really funny.


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