Check what the new TrollStore v1.5.0 improvements

Check what the new TrollStore v1.5.0 improvements

Check what the new TrollStore v1.5.0 improvements

 TrollStore developer just released version 1.5.0 of the popular permanent signature software over the weekend. Check what the new TrollStore v1.5.0 improvements are below. With this new update, users will be able to enjoy a large number of bug fixes, as well as several significant improvements

TrollStore, which relies on a powerful CoreTrust flaw discovered by security researcher Linus Henze, allows users to install ".ipa" files with a permanent signature on the device, which allows applications to be installed outside of the App Store and remove the seven-day restriction on traditional sideloading through AltStore, Sideloady, and even Xcode.

Here are the changes in version 1.5.0 according to the project's GitHub page:

Added an advanced settings tab that contains the ability to switch between installed and custom uninstall methods.

Separation of Idid updates from TrollStore updates; Idid's latest update fixes a bug that TrollStore previously required a workaround for, and that workaround is now removed.

Idid will now be automatically installed and/or updated when launching TrollStore if it is not already installed or if the installed version is too old for TrollStore to use properly.

Fixed an issue where uninstalling some apps would fail.

The icon cache reloads button automatically fixes a stock iOS issue where a bloated icon cache could cause system-wide lag spikes when installing and updating apps.

Fixed a bug where application plugin group containers could be incorrectly saved.

Switched to TrollStore's own CoreTrust certificate instead of the previous certificate, which was failing.

The latest version of TrollStore is obviously more than recommended for all users. The changes made make TrollStore more stable than ever.

If you are already using TrollStore, you can take advantage of the app's internal update mechanism to get the latest version. Otherwise, see our article on how to install Trollstore.

TrollStore only supports iOS 14.0-15.4.1 and 15.5 Beta 1-4, and 15.6 Beta 1-5. It does not work on iOS 15.6 and will never be iOS 16 compatible.